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Introducing EmpowerU!

EmpowerU is a ten-week Money Management Course available to any resident of Stone or Taney County seeking to better their financial future. The curriculum is based on spiritual principles of money and stewardship, introducing them to the idea that God cares about their finances. The course provides tools and accountability measures necessary to develop strong financial habits and goals, allowing the participant to cultivate a healthy and biblical relationship with their money rather than one supported by fear or misunderstanding.

During the course, participants are first taught the simple idea of tracking where their money goes and saving all receipts. They then begin to learn the financial principles of recording, categorizing, and budgeting their spending, and plan each expense before the month begins comparing it to the actual amount spent at the end of the month. Debts are also listed with a plan for repayment being created and implemented. By the eighth week, the thought of budgeting and debt repayment are no longer viewed as impossible, but planned and attainable.

Upon completing Level 1 (six weeks) and Level 2 (four weeks) each participant has the opportunity to participate in the mentoring phase of the program for up to one year. This allows for a one-on-one accountability with a Money Coach, and is specifically tailored to the participant’s specific financial condition. This gives the student a chance to take what they learned in the classroom and apply it in their own daily environment, without feeling alone or overwhelmed.

After about 4-6 months with EmpowerU, negative feelings and expressions about money start to be replaced with statements like…

• We are starting to answer the phone again.
• It felt great to pay that bill on time.
• We’re finally current on most of our expenses.
• We can talk about money without fighting over it.
• I finally paid my dad back.
• I don’t have to rely on the Food Stamps.

Not only does EmpowerU provide participants with vital skills in the areas of finance, it also will develop interpersonal skills which include boundaries, communication, dealing with authority figures, and identifying emotional triggers. The interpersonal and money management skills learned truly equip the students to be efficient stewards of their money and resources, leaving them feeling encouraged and . . . .     EMPOWERED!