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Money Management Classes

Love in the Name of Christ (LOVE INC) has served churches and families in Stone and Taney Counties since 2001 and continues that service by hosting Money Management Training (formerly known as Budgeting Classes).

Money Management Training sessions are an integral part of the Transformational Ministries program and each spring and fall session includes a 10-week intensive, Biblically-based money management programs. Each session builds upon the previous week’s training and continues to grow week-to-week. Families learn how to track income and expenses, build a realistic budget, and get tips for increasing their income while decreasing unneeded expenses.

Short- and long-term goal setting, understanding credit reports, and increasing credit scores are also eye-opening opportunities for anyone involved. These sessions do require work and accountability. Many families who have completed the program have reported success in being able to buy a home, pay off their debts and see marked improvement in their marriage relationships. There are no income guidelines and all necessary materials are provided at no expense.

Contact Love INC at (417) 336-7056 to sign up (or for more information).

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